After developing a complex affiliate ad tracking tool, the CPV Lab PRO team had bigger plans to grow the project, improve the platform, its functionalities, and attract more users. They felt limited by their visual identity and felt the need to create a new brand that would better communicate the value of their product in an increasingly competitive market.



CPV Lab PRO needed to communicate its ability to help marketers generate business growth. The new image had to reflect their values, their quest for technical innovation, and the ability to constantly develop it. Also, the new logo had to match their existing website.


After assessing the CPV Lab platform, its target audience and discovering insights about their customer needs and aspirations, we came up with branding proposals that would reflect the company’s desire to grow and help others grow their business.

To communicate the brand to the core target of cool and active teens, we created branded content that exults with youthfulness and energy, while the brand’s tone of voice speaks the language of cool. The brand communicates through strong statements, using grunge typefaces, neon green and black for a balancing contrast.


What we did

The Premiere M team reimagined the company logo and all digital collaterals, contributed to increasing the brand awareness and reach through attractive design. The primary brand colors are blue and magenta and the secondary colors are cyan, purple, and gray. The chosen type for web and print is Rounded M Plus.

The logo design is inspired by the graphics used in marketing performance reports, that users can create in CPV Lab PRO. It’s a technical design with a soft touch added by the rounded edges. The symbol tells a story about the evolution and growth that every user can achieve with the help of CPV Lab Pro.

What the client said

"We started working with Premiere M after a very bad experience with a marketing agency. After the first few calls, I realized that they know what they are talking about. I especially appreciate that they keep their promises (deliver when they say they will, call when they say). In a business where time is money, they don't waste it! They come with many ideas, proposals and very good designs. Theo and Maria understood what we needed before we did! Very good professionals with great communication skills. I highly recommend them!"

Iulia Drăghici, Founder & developer at CPV Lab PRO