After deciding to open the first trampoline park in Cluj, Jumping House faced the challenge of finding the right positioning and brand vibe.
We needed to differentiate Jumping House with an image that would bring the brand to life and make it appealing for teens, children, and young people.

Our creative team aimed for a brand positioning that would emphasize the fun and playful brand ethos, with a subtle reference to the urban street culture.


To position the new trampoline park in the Cluj-Napoca market, we looked at various street art forms, graffiti in particular. Because just as unauthorized art forms are born from a desire to make cityscapes more interesting, Jumping House appears from the desire of having something new, cool, and exciting for youngsters and free-spirited adults alike.

To communicate the brand to the core target of cool and active teens, we created branded content that exults with youthfulness and energy, while the brand’s tone of voice speaks the language of cool. The brand communicates through strong statements, using grunge typefaces, neon green and black for a balancing contrast.

The mix between pictures, bold statements, and punctuation deliver the brand message in a concise way, inviting people to stay active and enjoy life.

What the client said

"Premiere M has driven sales, media interactions, and brand awareness. The team boasted an effective workflow and was available to address any challenge. They demonstrated their capacity to anticipate problems beforehand, making them a competent and reliable partner."

Aneta Neagomir, Owner Jumping House