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Meet our team of marketing professionals who believe in creativity, as far as both design and strategy are concerned. We come from a variety of backgrounds, lines of expertise, and capabilities. We are united by a common sense of purpose and stand together for creativity that works. Clients say that we are bright, professional in our approach, and dedicated. Well… thank you. Ultimately what defines Premiere M as a team is a deep sense of commitment in everything we do.

We are the ones responsible for developing, implementing, and managing your marketing campaigns, online and offline. Also, we are the people who promote your company, products and services to your customers.

Request an online meeting with our team and tell us about your projects. Find out how we can help you grow your business. You can see how we work here.

Managing Partner
Maria Man

With over 15 years of managerial experience and a vision for performance and success in advertising, Maria understands what healthy leadership requires. A graduate of Babes Bolyai University with degrees in Economics, Auditing and Accounting, PR, Advertising and Communication, she has worked her way into accumulating the skills and capabilities she needs for Premiere M to move forward. She is a passionate fighter for her clients and agency success.

Procurement Management
Serghei Savin

Our Chișinău connection Serghei is our problem solver: setting up stands and showrooms and taking care of logistics and administrative company business in the meantime. His energy allows for a palette of activities that stretches far beyond what us normal humans could withstand, from photography and cooking all the way to kyokushin and running marathons. It is probably fair to say he is at least 70% super-human.

Art Direction
Mihai Iepure-Górski

With an educational background in Arts and Design and a (double) personality that allows him to move between the two with ease, Mihai Iepure-Górski is a creative individual always on the wait for the inspired touch and thought and an advocate for the concise design method. He has been involved in many of our most successful projects since 2011 and has participated vividly in imagining and making work for our partners and clients.

Graphic & Interior Design
Andrea Tamas

A creative with training in graphic design and photography and a passionate relationship with interior and environmental design, Andrea fuels our company with her talent. She possesses that special touch that sets her apart from other designers, making her work and effort an intrical part of what our company is and does. Wether working on a large scale showroom for the likes of Ariston or designing a children activity card for World Vision, her work is always adequate but with a touch of 'je ne sais quoi'.

Online Marketing
Theodora Tanczos

Theodora is what some might call a digital swiss knife. With almost of a quarter of her life spent in the online advertising field, she’s done it all: copywriting, social media, strategy and all things online. From working closely with the creative team to talking clients into trying something new and bold, she’s there every step of the way. When she’s not in the office, she’s outdoors with Magic the dog or roaming a forest somewhere in the mountains.

UI/UX Design
Ionut Panaitiu

A graduate of Fine Arts 'George Enescu' University in Iasi, Ionut is an experienced graphic and web designer with a proven record, having been making work for companies in different areas of expertise since 2006. He moves projects from start to finish fully involved every part of the way. As of recent he has become more involved in UI and UX design and has been our main asset in that department. He understands the scruples of the online framework and delivers user-focused experiences.

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