What is the process?

Working together productively.

How we work

What is our workflow to delivering results? How do you work with us?

We welcome you onboard and have the first session of discussions. This conversation is very important, since it will clarify the reason you partner with us for your marketing projects. It is the ground we build our understanding of your business. There will be many questions about your goal, your short-term and long-term objectives, your desires and expectations, the resources and approach in business in general and marketing in particular.

As far as the online marketing is concerned, we start with a free audit of your online presence. This will highlight what is done well and what can be improved in the area of digital marketing to generate more traffic and leads.

Following the audit, together we create the buyer persona, work on your strategy, articulate objectives, and choose the best communication channels. Using a customer-centric approach, we start testing hands-on to determine what best works for your brand. We use search engine optimization for your website and test multiple online campaigns to turn leads into clients. The winning formula will bring us closer to your customer’s universe and ultimately, help you sell more.

Premiere M has been on the market long enough to understand the client’s wants and needs. And most clients want and need more than just another “creative agency”. They need a business partner, a strategic consultant and a friend – and here’s where our team comes along.

For each project we set up a team to work on your project. Specific objectives, measurable results, and clear reporting are default. We are committed every step of the way. Are you?

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