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Why is it so important to create a trustworthy brand?

Consumers have more choices now than ever before. Thanks to technology and the rise of online shopping, brands have to go the extra mile when attracting and keeping customers.

Potential buyers are much more willing to put in the research, and they have the information and tools to do it. And, one way to promote loyalty is to show that you’re a brand they can trust.

Here’s everything you need to know about the importance of building a trustworthy brand, common mistakes to avoid, and some tips on creating a brand people will trust:

The benefits of having a trusted brand

Over the last few decades, advances have meant a more competitive marketplace. Businesses are able to reach a larger audience and expand much more easily. But, this has brought new challenges. In particular, brands are facing more scrutiny from their customers.

With all the extra options available, consumers can pick out the brands they trust and choose not to purchase products or services from those they are unsure about.

Building brand trust can really pay off and influence people’s buying decisions. It has many benefits for businesses, especially SMEs, including:

  • It makes your audience more receptive to your marketing efforts

  • It drives new business and can increase sales

  • It promotes loyalty among your existing customers

  • Your business is more likely to receive positive reviews and recommendations

  • It helps build a more resilient business that survives, even in tough times

Common mistakes companies make

Delivering poor customer service and getting a negative reputation is a sure-fire way to lose your customers’ trust, and this can happen fast. When customers have expectations, and you fail to live up to them, it can be incredibly damaging. Some other mistakes businesses make are:

  • Using offensive or political marketing material or ads

  • Violating laws and regulations, like health and safety

  • Not protecting customer data – 81% of customers say they won’t engage with a brand after a data breach has been reported

  • Not fixing technical issues such as slow loading or login and website issues

How to build a trustworthy brand

According to a recent study by Adobe, there are four main ways customers demonstrate their trust towards a brand:

  • Making more purchases (71%)

  • Recommending the brand to friends (61%)

  • Joining a loyalty program (41%)

  • Posting positive reviews or comments on social media (40%)

These actions are not only impacting sales, but also the customer lifetime value and the cost of gaining and retaining customers.

This data shows that you can build more trust in your business. Firstly, you need to make sure you avoid the mistakes listed above. Then, you can start to look at other factors, like branding.

The branding of your business is one of the first things potential customers will notice. So, it’s a great place to start building trust. You can use your branding to stay competitive in your industry.

Your brand image should communicate what your business’s core values are. You can use a variety of methods to portray trustworthiness, such as using specific colors and styles.

When implementing branding, it should be unique and consistent. This means using it on all platforms, both online and offline. If you’re building your brand inhouse can use online tools, such as or Canva, to create visual branding for your business. If you want to leave branding in the hands of experts, we recommend you contract a marketing agency specialized in design.

Remember, when it comes to trust, the first impression you make is everything. Having a great product or service and providing outstanding customer care, along with having an outstanding brand image, can make a huge difference.

By following these key principles and tips, you can offer a remarkable service to your customers. This will boost loyalty and bring many rewards to your business.

Guest post by Johnnie Harmon