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We build Verbal and Visual Identities for our clients with creativity, skill and grit. It defines you 'cause it comes from within you. Properly articulated, visually striking, clear.



Strategic Planning and Consultancy that delivers. Corporate branding, positioning and activity that happens simultaneously internally and externally. Because understanding precedes communicating.



Product Branding, Campaigns and Environments that enable users to fully immerse and experience brands. The stuff of magic that creates value for a better future.

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What is branding?

Branding is the perception of your product (service, business) in your customers’ mind. It is a representation of everything you stand for in your customer’s opinion. Branding is not just a logo, but also your product or service, your tone of voice, your after sales exeperience. All these elements combined. Branding is about how it feels to have or use your product/service or interact with your business.

Who does the branding?

Branding is a common effort and it involves both the client as well as the branding agency. It all starts with the dream buyer, which is the ideal client you wish for. There are several steps to create your dream buyer and they all use data in the process. So, the dream buyer is not something you create by putting together your own personal beliefs, but it is a result of collecting and interpreting real data from your business and the market you are in.

Next, a thourough understanding of the business is mandatory. In order to create a brand and to grow it, is is necessary to really undestand what is the purpose of that business (or product). Who is it for (this is why the dream buyer is the first step), how is it going to serve it, what is the position on the market you are looking for and how do you want to be perceived by your audience.

The branding agency actually starts working on visuals and strategy only after the first two steps are completed. See our workflow here.

The life of brands

We like to look at brands or more specifically the life of brands just as we look towards life as it were, biologically speaking.

They have their birth, they progress into maturity, can grow old and every sometime need resuscitation or they simply die.

The actions companies take, the environment or ecosystem in which brands exist can affect the life of brands so severely that brands get struck by disease, sickness and need intervention.

A company like Premiere M can provide the tools and plan the corporate actions that will infuse life into brands.

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What can we do for you?

Let’s use creativity that works.