How to win at digital marketing in 2020

1. Bite-sized video content

Digital marketing is all about online channels. The massive rise of TikTok and other video sharing channels like Instagram Stories or the 6 second bumper ad is revealing new ways of how consumers engage with content. Storytelling has to start using short formats that are bold, clever and creative. Here are some good examples of how to effectively use the 6 seconds bumper ad, and here are some brands that are winning the TikTok game big time.2020 is less than one month away and we are wondering… what will the world of design look like next year? In our inspiration-boosting process, we’re looking into some of the coolest design trends out there. Which of the following trends should be on our „try” list for next year, in your opinion?

2. Mobile customer experience

In 2020, more than ever, consumers are expecting to have a flawless experience on all online channels, particularly on mobile devices. So marketers have to focus on facilitating the mobile-version of every piece of content they create and think of new ways of enhancing the consumer journey. 

3. Personalisation

Traditional marketing is reshaped, as consumers get smarter about customer experience and personalisation of experience. The one size fits all approach should be buried deep, while marketing becomes more personal and more human than ever.

4. Keep an eye on your data

Digital marketing can help, but how do you know it’s working? It’s very hard to track your investment in digital marketing unless you use some sort of tool like Google Analytics or Hotjar. Both are free tools that help you track user interaction with your website. These tools can help you see where your traffic is coming from, what are your most popular pages and which areas could use some improvement.

5. Don’t keep all of your digital “eggs” in one basket

There is no specific digital marketing recipe that works for every business. Many people think they can focus on one tool or channel and then move on the the next later, but in reality, diversification is key. Instead of focusing on blog content, PPC or social media, use all of them.Don’t forget about budget, though. Try new things, see what’s working and what’s not for your company or product and adjust. Stay flexible.

6. Create a unified experience

All of your online communication should reflect your brand’s identity. A cohesive presence will provide consumers with consistency and offer an overall memorable experience. And please think about unity in regards to all of your company communication – from instore to digital and mobile. Follow the red thread that makes your company unique across all media.

7. Go beyond likes and shares

Brands that win at digital marketing are the ones that listen and engage with audiences. They create connections, as opposed to being all about their product. And even further, social media platforms have expanded their functions, and brands need to take advantage of that and create social media communities and real time events.

So what is your social media strategy for this year?
How will you manage to stand out and engage with your customers?

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